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CELLULITE is the accumulation of fat cells which have become "trapped" in the collagen and elastin fibres. The resulting lumpy "orange peel" effect is unattractive. Cellulolipolyse is the only medical treatment for lasting results.

Cosmed International uses Cellulolipolysis®, developed in Paris by Doctors Jean-Luc Bachelier and Yves Lacaille, to treat cellulite. Scroll down this page for full details. cellulolipolysis, cellulite, Cellulolipolyse, cellulolipolysis, cellulite, Cellulolipolyse, cellulolipolysis, cellulite, cellulolipolysis, cellulite



The average woman has more subcutaneous fat cells than the average man. These fat cells are most commonly located in the lower part of the body and it is believed that female hormones are the main cause.

Other factors which may contribute to the formation of cellulite include: too many rich foods, an excess of tobacco and alcohol and poor blood circulation. It may also be hereditary.

Whatever the actual cause in individual sufferers, the result is that fat cells are effectively trapped, and locked up in the collagen and elastin fibres. The local circulation is often slowed and the nerve endings may become compressed and tender.

All this leads to the embarrassing so called "orange peel" effect which so many women regard as very unsightly. Cellulite is, in essence, imprisoned fat and cannot be eliminated by diet and/or exercise alone. You may lose weight but the cellulite will remain.

What is


CELLULOLIPOLYSIS® is a strictly medical treatment of localized cellulite problems by way of transcutaneous electrotherapy.

The principle
An electrical stimulation is applied within a specific metabolic framework and leads to:

  • a raising of the temperature, causing an improvement to the local blood micro-circulation of the poorly drained cellulite areas and increases the cellular activity
  • a modification of the permeability of the fat cells membrane
  • the waste fat is expelled from the cell and then eliminated through the metabolism, thanks to the reactivated blood microcirculation
  • an elimination of the excess water from the fat cells
  • an improvement of the skin quality and disappearance of the "orange peel" effect.

Detailed Consultation

Patient Undergoing Treatment

The treatment

The CELLULOLIPOLYSIS® treatment is only available under medical supervision.

It commences with detailed consultation to assess the patients' suitability for the treatment and to establish any possible contra-indications.

Prior to the treatment it will be necessary to carry out a urinalysis and a nutritional analysis to ensure maximum results are achieved.

The treatment involves no interruption to normal activity.

Click on the picture
to see an enlargement

Click on the picture
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Lasting Results

CELLULOLIPOLYSIS® -- The only effective medical treatment for lasting results in cellulite.

CELLULOLIPOLYSIS® is the only medically proven treatment for the removal of cellulite. In a recent medical trial, conducted by Professor D. E. Tolhurst at Guy's Hospital, one of London's leading teaching hospitals, the success of the CELLULOLIPOLYSIS® treatment was proved conclusively in 85% of those treated, with the remaining 15 % also showing a significant improvement.

The treatment is non-surgical and consists of three main elements :

  • electrotherapy
  • elimination of excess water from the fat cells
  • an improvement to the local blood circulation

    The effects of this combination result in :

  • smoother skin
  • reduction or elimination of "orange peel" effect
  • a measured reduction in circumference

    A very high satisfaction rate
    Over 100,000 patients have already been successfully treated in several European countries and negative results were recorded in less than 2% of cases.

    All equipment used is TGA listed. (Therapeutic Goods Administration, Commonwealth Department of Health, Housing and Community Services February, 1993)

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