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Collagen Replacement Therapy

Collagen Replacement Therapy smoothes away facial lines and depressions in approximately 30 minutes. The effect of this therapy can be maintained simply -- by having follow-up treatments about twice a year. collagen replacement, collagen replacement, collagen replacement, collagen replacement
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    Collagen Replacement Therapy -- the skin levelling treatment -- smoothes away facial lines and depressions rapidly -- in around 30 minutes! That's all the time it takes for a trained Collagen Practitioner to treat your lines. And the effect of Collagen Replacement Therapy can be maintained simply by having a top-up treatment around twice a year.


    No other treatment available today can more effectively treat facial lines -- or do it as cost-effectively. Collagen Replacement Therapy uses natural protein to replace the collagen lost from your skin over time. And the best way today to effectively treat facial lines is to re-introduce collagen into the skin.

It's Easy

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    Facial lines smoothed away ... in just 30 minutes ... without surgery? Yes, it is possible ... with Collagen Replacement Therapy. Follow the three step plan. First, make an appointment for an initial assessment. Second have a test patch (to ensure you're not allergic to the product) and third, providing your test patch is negative, after just four weeks you're ready to say goodby to facial lines.

The Finishing Touch

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    Collagen Replacement Therapy has recently been improved. A new range of products means that your treatment can be more individually tailored to your specific needs. Now more areas of your face can be suitably treated in a single session. So you don't need to make the decision of whether to have your smile lines smoothed away or have your eye area treated. You can have both areas looking smooth and finished -- The Finishing Touch.

Scientifically Proven

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    Collagen Replacement Therapy is a scientifically proven and clinically tested medical treatment designed to smooth out facial lines and depressions effectively and reliably. Over 750,000 people worldwide have enjoyed the benefits of Callagen Replacement Therapy. Looking your best helps you to feel your best. And people who have used Collagen Replacement Therapy often state that their treatments can provide that little boost in confidence that we all need occasionally.

    All Collagen products are TGA and FDA listed.


    Actual comments from pople who have been treated with Collagen Replacement Therapy include:

    "Makes me feel so much younger, happier and alive with a more positive attitude to everything."
    "Every time I look at myself in the mirror I find my appearance more appealing."
    "I feel happier about my appearance. Therefore more confident and relaxed."

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