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Sclerotherapy is the treatment of unsightly surface vessels or veins, known as spider veins or thread veins, sunburst or starburst vesels, telangiectatic vessels or unwanted leg veins. The treatment involves the injection of special sclerosing agents into the vein, followed by compression by the application of compression bandages and stockings. Thread veins, spider veins, can be successfully treated by sclerotherapy.
In 1925, Jausion used glycerin to try to treat varicosities. Since then many different agents have been used, including hypertonic saline, dextroject, sodium tetradecylsulphate, hydroxypolyethoxydodecane.
Thread veins, spider veins, can be successfully treated by laser therapy.
At Cosmed International we use hypertonic saline and or hydroxypolyethoxydodecane, also known as Aethoxysklerol or Polidocanol. This produces the best results and can also be used for larger varicosities which do not require any operations. Sclerotherapy is very effective for treating large areas and people can return to work the same day. Afew treatments may be required before all the surface veins disappear. The treated veins may look worse for a few weeks before fading away. So it is best to have the treatments done a few months before the planned vacation or summer season.

Laser therapy is very effective in treating smaller veins and over small areas. A focused laser beam is used to "wipe" away the visible capillaries. Once again a few treatments may be required. After the treatments, there may be a few scabs or blisters. These usually resolve in seven to ten days.

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